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Exclusively active in criminal proceedings, Penalex Avocats SA is your reference firm for criminal law and criminal defense in French-speaking Switzerland. Experienced criminal attorneys-at-law specializing in criminal law, economic criminal law and mutual assistance, including three Certified Specialists SBA in crimial law, a criminalist, forensic scientist and a digital investigator, are committed to providing you with the best possible defense, whether in mass crimes or in complex and sensitive cases.

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How does a criminal procedure work? What are your rights in a criminal proceeding? Which authorities are involved? What are the different possible sentences in Swiss criminal law? How long does an offence remain on the criminal record? How to contest a criminal order? What is the maximum length of pre-trial detention?

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Penalex Avocats SA is a Swiss law firm specialized in criminal law, economic criminal law and mutual legal assistance. We cover all areas of criminal law. Whether you are a company or an individual, our team will advise you and defend you before all cantonal, federal, international and supranational criminal courts.

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