Criminal Procedure

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Rights of the parties and the procedure

Whether you are an accused, a defendant or a plaintiff, our lawyers advise and represent you at all stages of a criminal proceeding.

Whether it is a matter of preparing a criminal complaint, requesting compensation for your damage or moral harm, asserting your civil claims, opposing a criminal order, requesting the release of one of your relatives or negotiating a sentence with the public prosecutor’s office within the framework of a simplified procedure, we provide you with quality assistance in each of these steps.

In particular, we assist you during police hearings, before the public prosecutor, the court of first instance and the court of appeal.
In this context, we formulate all requisitions and instructions useful to establish the validity of your position and to defend your rights.

Our intervention also covers representation before the cantonal and federal appeal bodies as well as before the court of constraint measures in case of provisional arrest and preventive detention.

Our lawyers are also developing a research activity in this field, with Emmeline Bonnard and Ludovic Tirelli regularly taking part in continuing education seminars for lawyers, respectively in the FSA specialist lawyer training in criminal law.

Key points

  • Before the investigation: information (301 CPP), criminal complaint (303 CPP) and order not to proceed (310 CPP)

  • During the investigation: opening of an investigation (309 CPP), hearings of the parties (142 ff CPP), warrant for expertise (182 CPP), warrant to appear (201 CPP), warrant to bring in a person (207 CPP), searches (241 CPP), searches (249), sequestration (263 CPP), obligation to detain (265 CPP), secret surveillance measures (269 ff CPP)

  • At the end of the investigation: Order of closure (319 CPP), indictment (324 CPP), penal order (352 CPP)

  • In court: default (366 ff CPP), preliminary questions (339 CPP), probationary procedure (341 ff CPP), pleadings (346 ff CPP)

  • Before the appeal bodies: appeal (393 ff CPP), appeal (398 ff CPP) and review (410 ff CPP)

  • Pleading guilty: simplified procedure (358 ff CPP)

  • Preventive detention: apprehension and police control (215 CPC), provisional arrest (217 CPC), provisional detention (224 CPC) and detention for security reasons (229 CPC)

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