Economic criminal law and offences against property

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White collar criminals

The lawyers of penalex are mainly active in the field of economic criminal law. With their solid experience and expertise in accounting, commercial law and finance, they guarantee a quality defense in complex economic criminal law investigations.

They defend their clients on a daily basis against charges of breach of trust, fraud, mismanagement, forgery, violation of business secrets and economic espionage, among others.

They also represent them in criminal proceedings for debt collection and bankruptcy, i.e. fraudulent bankruptcy, effective reduction of assets to the detriment of creditors, mismanagement, violation of the obligation to keep accounts.

Our team is also experienced in national and international procedures regarding money laundering, bribery of Swiss and foreign public officials and private corruption.

Key points

  • Offences against assets: breach of trust (138 StGB), fraud (146 StGB), unfair management (158 StGB), misuse of cheque and credit cards (148 StGB), falsification of goods (155 StGB).
  • Offences in debt collection and bankruptcy: fraudulent bankruptcy (163 StGB), effective reduction of assets to the detriment of creditors (164 StGB), mismanagement (165 StGB), violation of the obligation to keep accounts (166 StGB), advantages granted to certain creditors (167 StGB).
  • Forgery in titles: forgery in titles (251 CP), forgery in certificates (252 CP), suppression of titles (254 CP).
  • Espionage and violation of business secrets: economic intelligence service (273 CP), violation of manufacturing or commercial secrets (162 CP).
  • Money laundering: money laundering (305bis StGB), failure to exercise due diligence in financial transactions (305ter StGB).
  • Bribery: active bribery of public officials (322ter StGB), passive bribery of Swiss public officials (322quater StGB), granting of an advantage (322quinquies StGB), acceptance of an advantage (322sexies StGB), bribery of foreign public officials (322septies StGB), active private bribery (322octies StGB), passive private bribery (322novies StGB)
  • Insider trading: exploitation of insider information (154 LIMF), price manipulation (155 LIMF).
  • Fraud in the field of health care services: offences against the Federal Law on Health Insurance (92 LAMal)