Penalex offers its clients a complete interdisciplinary and tailor-made service in the field of economic crime investigation

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Penalex supports legal entities that have been harmed by the criminal actions of their employees or third parties.

More and more, companies are victims of economic crime (theft, fraud of all kinds, cybercrime, unfair management, fictitious employment, embezzlement, corruption, etc.) committed by their employees (at all levels) or by third parties.

Often, companies have to call upon an external consultant in order to carry out an internal investigation in an impartial and neutral manner.

In this context, Penalex not only carries out an investigation, but also determines whether criminal, civil or administrative proceedings can or should be initiated.

Our experts are mobilized for you in order to carry out an investigation to detect possible irregularities, to accompany you and to advise you as soon as possible.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary skills, Penalex offers a unique service in the field of internal investigation in economic crime, providing specialist lawyers, as well as experts in economic crime, criminal analysis, digital investigation and risk analysis, all operating at a high level of professionalism.

These multiple and complementary skills allow us to bring you, in a single mandate, a global strategy including :

  • legal advice and support in cases of suspected economic crime
  • a relevant internal investigation to detect possible irregularities.
  • research, collection and analysis of evidence in accordance with Swiss and international standards.
  • support throughout the process up to potential criminal, civil or administrative proceedings,
  • Advice on managing risk within your internal processes.
  • Support in the decisions to be taken following the investigation (legal and internal organization decisions).

Penalex proposes to collect, in a legal way, elements of proof allowing to rule on the possibility of a legal procedure against a third party or within the framework of the defense of your company.

Do not wait any longer

The sooner Penalex is mandated, the greater your chances of obtaining favorable results.

The lawyers and experts of Penalex offer you their expertise in investigation in the following cases

  • Flights
  • Fraud of all kinds
  • Unfair management
  • Fictitious jobs
  • Misappropriation of assets
  • Accounting fraud
  • Corruption
  • Management override: The principle is that a manager ignores the internal procedures of the company (goes overboard) in order to enrich himself unjustifiably to the detriment of the company.
  • President Fraud: The perpetrator poses as the company’s executive. It mentions to an employee to perform an urgent and confidential financial transaction. Intimidated, pressured or out of trust, the employee executes the transaction without first verifying the basis for the transaction. The company is then harmed.
  • Cybercrime

The multiple and complementary skills of Penalex allow us to bring you, in a single mandate, a global strategy

Penalex also defends companies against charges related to their activities or business.

Our recommendations for risk management in your company

During our investigations, we may detect gaps in the company’s internal organization that could lead to the emergence of potential or proven risks.

Penalex also offers to make recommendations for organizational and/or IT changes in order to eliminate or reduce risks within your company.

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