Execution of sentences and measures

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Prison, treatment and expulsions

The defense does not end with the pronouncement of the judgment by a court. From this moment, the phase of the execution of the sentences and measures begins.

The assistance of a lawyer is useful in order to plan the execution of the sentence in the interest of the convicted person and to allow him to choose, then to obtain the most appropriatesentence adjustment for his situation (semi-detention, electronic bracelet, community service)

For those who have been sentenced to a firm sentence or to a measure (institutional therapeutic measure, internment, etc.), our lawyers will assist you in obtaining parole when the time comes or when the measure that has been pronounced needs to be modified.

For foreigners sentenced to deportation in addition to the sentence, the assistance of an attorney is recommended when requesting a postponement of deportation at the end of the sentence.

Our lawyers regularly practice the law of the execution of sentences and assist you as closely as possible to your interests in this very specific field of criminal law.

Key points

  • Penalties: deprivation of liberty (40 StGB), financial penalty (days fine) (34 StGB), fine (106 StGB).
  • Suspended sentence and partial suspension: The suspended sentence implies that the sentence pronounced is not executed. A full suspended sentence is possible for sentences of up to two years of imprisonment (42 CP). The partial suspension implies that only part of the sentence is suspended, the other part must be executed. Partial suspension is possible for sentences of up to three years. Both parts of the sentence must be at least 6 months and the part to be executed can never exceed the suspended part (43 CP).
  • Measures: Institutional therapeutic measures (59 CP), outpatient treatment (63 CP), internment (64 al. 1 CP), life imprisonment (64 al. 1bis CP), penal expulsion (66a to 66d CP).
  • Conditional release: a convicted person who has served at least three months in prison and two-thirds of his sentence is conditionally released if his behavior does not prevent him from committing new crimes or offenses (86 CP).

FAQ - Enforcement of Sentences and Measures