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At Penalex Avocats SA, we know that excellence, availability and transparency are essential for our clients and the causes we defend.

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Penalex Avocats SA was born from the idea of offering quality services in all areas of criminal law, thanks to specialized and experienced lawyers in criminal law and procedure, as well as experts in the criminal chain (criminalist, criminologist and digital investigator). Our practice areas cover all fields of criminal law, in particular economic criminal law, mutual legal assistance and cybercrime. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have developed e-services that allow you to  contact us at any time, to receive an answer to your criminal question in less than 24 hours or to make an emergency appointment with one of our lawyers. Our website also allows you to obtain free information on criminal procedure and criminal law, to consult thematic sheets by field, or to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions, all in free access.


Experts of the criminal chain, forensics and digital investigation

At Penalex Avocats SA we have the humility to admit that all the skills and experience of a lawyer alone are often not enough to win a case. Often, scientific knowledge(forensic science) is required to analyze the evidence in the file and make the best defense choices. Also, with the rise of computerization, digitization and cybercrime, technical knowledge(digital investigation) will be required to recover, analyze and exploit computer and digital evidence (phones, computers, servers, clouds, …). Our team also includes criminal experts, criminologists and digital investigators to assist us in these tasks of analysis of evidence and to allow us to make the best defense choices without leaving anything to chance. In this respect, we are different from all other law firms, as we have the same means at our disposal as the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Police.

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Lawyers specialized in criminal law and procedure

The law is constantly changing and becoming more complex by the day. A quality defense often involves the use of a specialized lawyer. All the lawyers of Penalex Avocats SA are experienced and specialized in criminal law. On a day-to-day basis, they defend and represent their clients before the cantonal (Vaud, Geneva, Fribourg, Valais, Neuchâtel, Jura, Berne, Ticino) and federal (Public Prosecutor’s Office, Federal Criminal Court, Swissmedic, etc.) judicial authorities. They keep themselves constantly informed of the developments in criminal law and procedure, which allows them to offer their clients an immediate and high quality defense. This is why Penalex Avocats SA is your reference law firm for criminal law in French-speaking Switzerland.

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Competence, experience and excellence in criminal defense

The founders of Penalex are certified asSpecialist Lawyers FSA Criminal Law by the Swiss Federation of Lawyers. According to the Swiss Federation of Lawyers “The title of “FSA specialist lawyer” has the advantage of guaranteeing a particularly high level of competence and experience in a specialised field. When it comes to complex legal issues, specialization is undoubtedly an added value for the client. Thanks to his special knowledge, the specialist lawyer can often respond more quickly and efficiently to the client’s expectations“.

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Quality criminal defence for all

Whether you are a victim or an accused, innocent or not, wealthy or poor, we are committed to providing you with our best defense at all times. Contrary to popular belief, we are not defending crimes or criminals, but people and their rights, which is precisely the strength of our rule of law. Whoever you are, defending your rights is in our DNA and we make it a point of honor to defend them with energy, determination and intelligence in every situation. Convinced that everyone has the right to an effective and quality defense, regardless of their financial situation, our lawyers also work forlegal aid or, when the case raises questions of principle, pro bono.

quick contact and with professionals specialized in criminal law and full transparency in terms of costs. Some cases just can’t wait. Penalex Avocats SA provides its clients with advanced technologies allowing a quick contact with a  criminal lawyer in order to obtain the required answers and an effective defense within only a few hours.  Transparency is at the heart of the relationship of trust between the lawyer and his client. The lawyers of Penalex Avocats therefore offer a totally transparent billing system that starts with fixed prices for certain operations and continues with fees freely discussed and agreed with the clients for the rest of the procedure.

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On our website penalex.ch you will find informations up to date, concise freely available, free of charge and easily accessible in the field of criminal law and procedure. We explain the different phases of a criminal procedure, the role and functioning of the authorities involved, as well as the rights and obligations of the different participants in a criminal procedure.

You also have access to an extensive knowledge base in which we list the questions we are most often asked (FAQ), as well as thematic sheets by field.