Variable geometry of illicit evidence … or the exploitation of inoperable evidence?

In a ruling 1B_595/2022 In its decision of December 23, 2022, which was not intended

The accused acquitted, but ordered to pay compensation?

In a decision to be published 6B_1310/2021 of 15 August 2021 the Federal Supreme Court

Convicting for facts that are not in the indictment? Yes, but you have to ask for it in time!

Important reminder, in a ruling 6B_1216/2020 of April 11, 2022, on the principle of charging.

Speech is silver, but silence is golden

Some defendants fear that exercising the right to remain silent will be perceived as an

The offence is prescribed, the State is responsible

  The statute of limitations for criminal proceedings is the period of time after which

Complainant’s appeal to the Federal Court: specify the damage … otherwise too bad!

The plaintiff's appeal to the Federal Court, which is limited to requesting that his civil

The legal right once again hurts the “plaintiff”, this time SBB.

SBB does not have standing to appeal the acquittal of a defendant for contravening the

Admissibility of an appeal against a severance: the Federal Court unifies its case law

Severance of proceedings causes irreparable harm to the parties. The appeal to the Federal Supreme

Automated vehicle search and traffic monitoring: without a legal basis, evidence is illegal

Automated vehicle search and traffic monitoring constitutes a serious infringement of the right to informational