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Maudet affair or the guilty “malaise

The Federal Court has ruled. The Public Prosecutor’s Office appeal against the judgment acquitting former

The accused acquitted, but ordered to pay compensation?

In a decision to be published 6B_1310/2021 of 15 August 2021 the Federal Supreme Court

Congratulations to Mr. Trajilovic for his title of FSA specialist lawyer in criminal law!

Never two without three … It’s official! We are proud to announce that Me Daniel

Penalex Lawyers at the Syracuse International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights

Penalex Avocats participated in the training of 10 Qatari judges in artificial intelligence, criminal law

Money laundering: prior offence committed abroad but attempt to destroy the SIM card in Switzerland, the Swiss authorities are competent!

In a decision (6B_45/2021) not intended for publication, the Federal Court recalls several principles relating

Rape: “yes is yes” or “no is no”? Until further notice, coercion is the crime!

In a decision to bepublished ( 6B_894/2021 of 28 March 2022 ), the Federal Court

Penalex Avocats SA among the “Best Law Firms” in Switzerland in criminal law!

Thank you for your confidence! BILANZ, Le Temps and the Handelszeitung have published the ranking

Breach of ban (291 CP) + perimeter ban (119 LEI) = perfect match

The perfect or ideal combination is the configuration in which a single behavior achieves the

Drink (and be tired) or drive, you don’t have to choose!

In a ruling 6B_1429/2020 The Federal Supreme Court, in its decision published online today, decides

Speech is silver, but silence is golden

Some defendants fear that exercising the right to remain silent will be perceived as an

The psychiatrist is responsible… for his patient’s crimes!

According to the French Court of Cassation, a psychiatrist is criminally liable for the murder