Me Guillaume Brülhart
Trainee lawyer

French, English

Trainee lawyer

  •  Collaboration in all areas of law
  • Bachelor in Law, January 2019, University of Geneva 
  • Summer school, July 2019, Blockchain: Best Ally or worst enemy to antitrust, IP and Data protection, Utrecht University 
  • Master in civil and criminal law, June 2021, University of Geneva
  • Certificate of Specialization in Law, June 2022, Geneva 
  • Summer internships in Geneva and French law firms, 2017/2018
  • Academic internship with Professor Papaux Van Delden, in Geneva 2020 ( 5 months)
  • Legal and administrative assistant at Schellenberg Wittmer, in Geneva 2020 (5 months)
  • Legal intern at Penalex, in Vevey 2021 (4 months)
  • Trainer in rhetoric (notably in the Geneva Debate project), 2018-2022 
  • Vaud Cantonal Registry of Trainee Lawyers 

  • Geneva Debating Club