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Execution of sentences

Is it possible to interrupt the execution of a sentence?

Yes, but this is exceptional. The principle

Is a suspended fine possible?

No, it is not possible to add

Is a suspended day fine possible?

Indeed, conditional fines are possible if the

Road traffic

Are speeding tickets recorded in the criminal record?

Only speeding offences for which the law

What is a hit and run?

A person commits the offence of reckless

Is it possible to contest a speeding ticket?

Since speeding tickets are usually recorded by

Digital Investigation


Choosing my Lausanne criminal lawyer

Choosing my Lausanne criminal lawyer Criminal law

How do I know if my lawyer is representing me properly?

It’s certainly hard to know whether your

Can a lawyer defend several defendants in the same trial?

No. The lawyer must avoid conflicts of

Can my public defender impose his strategy on me?

Yes. Normally, all legal, evidentiary, tactical and