Penalex: one of the best criminal law firms in the world… it’s never too late!

Following our recent nomination by the Leaders League as one of the leading law firms

He who thought he wouldn’t be caught is caught! (7B_853/2023)

In a 5-judge decision handed down by the Federal Supreme Court on February 21, 2024

All I want for Christmas is … Justice!

The entire Penalex Avocats team wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Revision of the Federal Road Traffic Act: what will change for you from October 1, 2023?

Parliament approved the revision of the Federal Road Traffic Act (RTA) in the 2023 spring

Mercato: Laurent Contat joins Penalex Avocats. Welcome Master!

After more than 12 years with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, this talented criminal prosecution specialist

ACAB in Vaud: Will the gendarmes be eaten with hunter sauce?

Is an association personally and directly affected by comments made about a large group of

A day at Penalex Avocats

Have you always wanted to meet the lawyers and specialists at Penalex Avocats SA but

Survey of Switzerland’s top law firms: Penalex for better, against the worst … and among the best!

Once again this year, Penalex Avocats SA ranks among Switzerland’s top law firms in the

Congratulations to Sara Casimiro on being admitted to the bar

The entire team at Penalex Avocats SA would like to congratulate Sara Casimiro, a former

Does the exercise of the right to silence give rise to circumstances incriminating the accused?

In a legal system based on the presumption of innocence, where the onus is on

Criminal law and artificial intelligence

Some technological developments are meteoric, constantly reshaping our behavior and our relationship with the world,

Can the lawyer’s writings be used to convict his client for defamation?

This is a ruling from last summer, but so important to practitioners that it is

Training and education: Maîtres Filliez-Bonnard and Tirelli speak at the FVO’s continuing education seminar

At Penalex Avocats, we are always keen to train ourselves to remain at the forefront

Variable geometry of illicit evidence … or the exploitation of inoperable evidence?

In a ruling 1B_595/2022 In its decision of December 23, 2022, which was not intended

In 2023, we will also be listening to you… but to better defend you!

The entire team of Penalex Avocats SA wishes you a happy new year and a

Congratulations to Mr. Brühlart for winning the first prize in the International Bar Association’s public speaking competition

We are very proud of Mr. Guillaume Brühlart, one of our brilliant trainee lawyers who

Maudet affair or the guilty “malaise

The Federal Court has ruled. The Public Prosecutor’s Office appeal against the judgment acquitting former

Cybercrime and investigation strategies: which law to choose when the offender is in Côte d’Ivoire?

In cybercrime cases, there is often more than one applicable law, depending on whether one

Lawyers bugged… Hello Earth?!

The respect of the professional secrecy between the lawyer and his client is one of