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Following our recent nomination by the Leaders League as one of the leading law firms

Does the exercise of the right to silence give rise to circumstances incriminating the accused?

In a legal system based on the presumption of innocence, where the onus is on

Criminal law and artificial intelligence

Some technological developments are meteoric, constantly reshaping our behavior and our relationship with the world,

Can the lawyer’s writings be used to convict his client for defamation?

This is a ruling from last summer, but so important to practitioners that it is

Training and education: Maîtres Filliez-Bonnard and Tirelli speak at the FVO’s continuing education seminar

At Penalex Avocats, we are always keen to train ourselves to remain at the forefront

Me Silvant publishes on the criminal liability of companies for environmental offences

We are proud to announce that the research of Me Marc Silvant, trainee lawyer at

Requirement of “irreparable harm” for admissibility of cantonal appeal? So no, that’s only for the TF!

We continue our 2021 retrospective of notable judgments. Today, the Federal Court has issued aruling