Criminal law in sexual matters

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Sexual violence and pornography

The offences against sexual integrity are multiple. They cover both the most serious offences, such as sexual acts with children, rape, sexual coercion, abuse of distress and promoting prostitution, and lesser offences such as unlawful practice of prostitution, indecent exposure, sexual touching and foul language.

Pornography, from its production to its consumption, is also criminalized under Swiss law as an offence against sexual integrity when certain conditions are met.

Whether you are a defendant or a victim, defending your rights in sexual offences is particularly complex. These are investigations in which witnesses to the facts are rarely available, so that the prosecution relies heavily on the statements and testimony of the accused and the victim.

The use of lawyers familiar with the methods and techniques of credibility analysis of depositions is recommended. This is the case of the lawyers of Penalex Avocats SA, some of whom (FSA specialists in criminal law) are experienced in the current methods of deposition psychology.

Key points

  • Endangering the development of minors
    Sexual acts with children (187 CP), sexual acts with dependent persons (188 CP).
  • Offense to sexual freedom and honor The following offences were committed: sexual coercion (189 PC), rape (190 PC), sexual acts committed on a person incapable of discernment or resistance (191 PC), sexual acts with hospitalized, detained or accused persons (192 PC), abuse of distress (193 PC), exhibitionism (194 PC).

  • Exploitation of sexual activity
    Encouragement of prostitution (195 StGB), sexual acts with minors in return for payment (196 StGB).

  • Pornography
    Soft pornography (197 ch. 1 and 2 CP), hard pornography (197 ch. 3, 4 and 5 CP).

  • Contraventions against sexual integrity
    (198 CP), unlawful practice of prostitution (199 CP).

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